HARD NEWS/FEATURES: at “The San Juan Star”; “New York Daily News,” “Newsday” and “The Miami News,” covering schools, fires, crime, airline crashes, politics, political conventions, sports, music, art and writing book reviews, also for the Book Of The Month Club.

PROFILES: (my greatest interest and strength) of world leaders (Golda Meir, Helen Suzman); civil rights (the Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Julian Bond, Flo Kennedy, Jack Greenburg); artists (Robert Rauschenberg, Alice Neel, Andrew Wyeth, Roy Lichtenstein, Glenna Goodacre) writers (Truman Capote, Henry Miller, Nikki Giovanni); labor leaders (Jimmy Hoffa, Albert Shanker); musicians (Benny Goodman, Barry Tuckwell, Rise Stevens); actors (Rod Steiger, Bette Midler); and television personalities (Barbara Walters, Judge Judy, Dr. Ruth, Linda Ellerbee); athletes (Chris Evert, Ron Turcott, Rene Richards plus Baseball Players Union chief Marvin Miller , Boxing’s Don King and Secretariat owner Penny Tweedy); business (Arthur Levitt, Jr; J. Willard Marriott, Jr.). Also Witness Protection Program, NYC Bomb Squad and Women on Death Row. Published in virtually every mainstream publication including “The New York Times”  “People”  AARP’s “Modern Maturity,”  “Good Housekeeping”  “Time”  “American Health” “All At Sea”and “TV Guide.”

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE: the return of Juan Domingo to Argentina after 18 years of exile: and post-Allende military coup in Chile. Speak Spanish.

AUTHOR: Eight books including a novel and some quick turn around celebrity books (jobs-for-hire) ; my late twin’s memoir LEGWORK (Scribner);  and profiles of one of the Little Rock Nine, various immigrant groups, Woodstock alumna, Japanese American interned in the camps during WWII, head of Psycho-oncology at Memorial, among others, in THE GRANDMOTHER BOOK (St. Martin’s), photos and text showing the changing roles of grandmothers and what America looked like at the end of the 20th Century through them; new work-in-progress.  Celebrity paperbacks also published in England, Israel,Greece and Australia;  LEGWORK optioned for a television movie and serialized in “ Ladies’ Home Journal”

PRESS PERSON: My older sister’s New York State Senate campaign; mother’s New York State Supreme Court race–both successful; brother, “Slim Goodbody,” children’s television health crusader.

TEACHER:  full time for five years and now currently substitute teaching English in New York City schools.


Interviewer who listens well
Firm grasp of journalistic ethics
Wide-ranging curiosity
Generate ideas and follow through
Love of getting/writing stories; no interest in titles or self-promotion
Write profiles (strongest skill) that reflect an idea or process
Comfortable in any region of the world with diverse populations
Tenacity (relentless) to get stories and interviews


James Rowland Moody Award – New York University (Heights) for articles on foreign students in college newspaper.
Inter-American Press Association/New York Times Fellowship in South America for a year reporting throughout the continent.
New York City Teaching Fellowship  and AmeriCorps Grant.


Master of Science: Education
Fordham University – New York City, New York, New York
Bachelor of Arts: Liberal Arts/English Honors
New York University (Heights) – New York City, New York
Summer courses: Spanish Language–University of Mexico (Mexico City) ;University of Madrid (Spain)
French language– Alliance Francaise (Paris, France)


One thought on “About

  1. Blanche Wattenberg

    Dear Ms. Burstein,

    I don’t know if you’re still reading this account, so it may be a shot in the dark.

    Mostly this is touching on a story you wrote for People Magazine back in the 1970’s. My mom and aunt, Rosalie Wattenberg and Helen Greenbaum, found a photo of the last living minutes of their mother while watching the mini-series “Holocaust.”

    This isn’t anything exciting or amazing to share – just in case you ever wondered…

    Mom’s still around. I’m visiting her in a couple weeks for her 97th birthday. Her sister, my aunt Helen Greenbaum (Tana to us kids) passed nearly six years ago, peacefully and quickly with no warning after a typically happy day with friends.

    Mom still has the original magazine in her files, and sometimes pulls it out to share with new friends. I keep a photo of that article stored in my phone’s memory; as I’ve aged, the family resemblance between my grandmother and my own face is fairly obvious. I’m not a kid anymore; I’m a separated mother of two young ladies (one permanently disabled by autism) and I live on a farm with my “adopted brother” and his family. That too is an odd story; we didn’t know when we got to be friends, but in conversation it turned out his grandfather, in the US military, was rescued from a German POW camp by the unit that he then was attached to – that shortly after liberated my mother from Dachau.

    Your story has been very much a part of my childhood, and an influence on my older daughter’s awareness of her own family history.

    I hope all is well with you.


    Blanche Nonken
    Fallon, NV


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