Patricia Burstein


                   When I read that Piers Morgan was axed from his show I was pleased in part because I could quit making a side career of writing comments aimed at trying to get him fired.  It was becoming an obsession.  At one point, I confess, I remarked about him on virtually every section of The Huffington Post. 

                    When, for example, a company grounded its jet I suggested that rather than let the aircraft sit idly on the tarmac, why not let Morgan, a very busy, important chap, use it.  Or about a Czech political candidate who wore a nose ring, I wondered whether said accessory would enhance Morgan’s rabbit-like face. On virtually any topic– from kitchen utensils to world events– I suggested that Morgan should be consulted because all roads led to Piers Morgan, the self-appointed expert on this and that and nothing.  My absolute disgust was leading to a kind of giddy hysteria to quiet my rage against this…

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